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Market Research, Appraisals and Financial Modelling

tsop partners have an in-depth and ‘on the ground’ understanding of local housing markets. We specialise in shared ownership and intermediate tenures, help new and existing providers with all aspects of the delivery, funding, sales, marketing, product development and management of intermediate homes, providing advice, practical help and implementation for all providers of affordable, and particularly intermediate, housing, over the last twenty years. The partners of tsop have over 60 years’ experience of developing, marketing, and managing many types of low cost home ownership schemes, of understanding the wider open housing market in which low cost home ownership operates, and have extensive networks among developers, builders, housing associations

Partners have worked with organisations on projects and intermediate markets in the South East of England and London:

  • Individual scheme risk and marketing appraisals.
  • Market research – demand, price points and competitor analysis.
  • A strong track record in delivering housing market assessments in London housing needs analysis and across England, including at local authority and sub-regional levels, following DCLG guidance and inconformity with planning good practice.
  • Extensive experience of analysing housing market trends taking account of the resurgence of the private rented sector, the impact of past and ongoing reforms to housing benefits and the wider welfare benefit system, the Affordable Rents regime, the impact of the recession, and post-recessionary housing market developments.
  • In-depth understanding of the dynamics and trends around open market and sub-market housing development, including land and site availability, development costs, strength of demand, affordability and competition.
  • Partners have participated in and have a strong London SHMA track record, including recently undertaking sub-regional SHMA for South East London authorities, and currently undertaking one for South West London and North East Surrey authorities.
  • We have broad and deep research skills, and understanding of and experience in analysing and interpreting demographic, social, financial, economic and housing data and strong competence in the use and interpretation of GIS and forecasting tools.
  • Substantial experience in qualitative research, including stakeholder engagement through interviews, focus groups, workshops and deliberative events.