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Board and Senior Management Team Seminars


These series of seminars are designed to give Senior Management, Executive Teams, Board members and Councillors a brief introduction and overview of shared ownership, key functions needed to deliver a programme, risk, possible delivery structures.

The programme is based on 4 stepped modules that can be tailored for a whole day session, an evening workshop and anything in between.

They will be delivered by Roy Hind and SteveColeman who have many years practical experience of developing, selling, managing and funding shared ownership. They will be supported by tsop partners/associates with specialist expertise in critical parts of the shared ownership process such as mortgages and leases.

Module 1 – Introduction -what is shared ownership and why you may want to do it!

This will look at beginnings of shared ownership in the 1970s through to the current shared ownership and low cost homeownership schemes. As well as covering the key principles of how shared ownership works, the lease structure and fundamental clauses it will look at why different schemes have developed and the strategic reasons why organisations have chosen to/not too undertake shared ownership. This module should be particularly helpful to organisations that are considering whether or not to undertake shared ownership.

Module 2 – The key functions needed to successfully deliver and manage shared ownership:

  • Funding
  • The client group
  • Initial scheme /marketing feasibility
  • The Development process and how this fits with
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Post sales – leasehold management including resales and staircasing.

Module 3 Governance and the key risks and how to manage them – This will cover the key risks in developing, selling and managing shared ownership – a shared ownership risk map, and explore the best ways of managing them. In this module we will also look at key KPIs and good governance and management practice and structures.

Module 4 Delivery – this module goes into more detail and looks at the key areas that any organisation new to shared ownership, or experiencing problems with their programme, should be considering:

  • Culture – getting the right culture to successfully deliver sales.
  • Leadership /Responsibility/Accountability
  • Options for delivery – building your own team or outsourcing.
  • Marketing /PR
  • Property specification

Scheme financial viability and stress testing (including exit routes and different funding options)

  • Mortgages
  • Procedures/standing orders /KPIs
  • Setting the sales price
  • Application and allocation process
  • Progress chasing sales
  • Conveyancing packs
  • Establishing a professional panel to provide services – legal, financial advice – to purchasers.
  • Setting service charges
  • On going leasehold management – including resales and staircasing.

For more information please contact:

Roy Hind           roy@tsop.org.uk

mobile: 07515 360255