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Mortgages Brokers

In One Move works closely with selected mortgage brokers to ensure they are conversant with the full range of affordable housing schemes and have the capacity to provide the level of service we demand. Comprehensive reporting systems are in place which can be tailored to provider’s specific requirements. Preferred mortgage brokers can be added to the panel, subject to them signing our service level agreement. Referring clients is as simple as clicking onto our website and completing a basic form.

Independent Affordability Assessments

As recommended in the Capital Funding Guide we ensure independent affordability assessments are undertaken by qualified advisers and copies made available to the sales support staff to aid decision making and provide an audit trail.

Best range of products for your buyers

Importantly for your buyers, we ensure a range of competitive mortgage products are available to our panel brokers. We do this by working directly with lenders. These can include high loan to value offerings e.g. 95% mortgages which have often been negotiated exclusively. They are not available to purchasers when they approach lenders directly.

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